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Well loved mini Golden doodles
Vet Checked Mini Goldendoodles
Healthy F1B mini goldendoodles
Curly F1B mini goldendoodles
Socialized F1B mini goldendoodles

Welcome To Grandview Goldendoodles!

We're the Miller's from New Holland, PA. Our goal as a small, friendly, home raised golden doodle breeder is to provide loving homes for our healthy, well adjusted, low to no shedding doodle puppies while involving you in the process through weekly photo updates. We specialize in F1 B mini goldendoodles which are especially suitable for those struggling with mild allergies. Our home-raised setting/set-up allows for plenty of interaction and loving care and aids in easy potty training when they transition to your home. Browse our site to glean goldendoodle info, see plenty of doodle pictures, and read comments and helpful feedback from happy golden doodle owners. Check out our Nursery / "Watch me grow tab" for available or upcoming F1B mini or standard goldendoodle puppies.

Grandview Goldendoodle's Poppy

IMG_0494 (1).jpg
Poppy 2023 and F1B goldendoodle Clem
F1B mini Golden Doodle
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