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2024 Poppy / Levi Doodles

Born February 11, 2024

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Rilian - (now George)

8 Weeks

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Susan - (now Noel)

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Peter - (now Ripley)

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Lucy - (now Rosie)

Cleo - (now Benny)
Clem  now McKenzie
Benny 6 month

Hi Laurie,


I hope you're doing well.  Just a short note to provide an update on Benny (Cleo) on his 6 month birthdate anniversary.  I've attached a few recent photos.


Benny is very affectionate and also very playful and spunky.  He potty trained very quickly - we haven't had any accidents in months.  He has also been a good sleeper, as we often wake him up in the morning.  He also takes a couple of naps during the day, between walks.  We've been slowly increasing the length of his walks.  One item we're still working on is his greetings as he is still very excitable and jumpy when meeting new people and other dogs when we're out.  


Benny travels well in the car and is always calm, just recently showing some interest in looking out the window.  He has lost most, if not all of his baby teeth, replaced by his adult teeth (we've only found 2 of his baby teeth).


We've learned that when it comes to meals, he is more of a grazer, and will often eat over several hours after his food has been put down.  Our Vet said not to worry as he has steadily been gaining weight (now ~ 16 pounds), and mentioned that this relaxed eating style is typical of the poodle side of his heritage.  Benny had his first full haircut a couple of weeks ago.  He was very cooperative according to the groomer.  His hair is growing back fast and more curly.

Benny-haircut day
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Edmund - (now Ace)

Chloe - (now Peaches)
Chloe - (now Peaches)

We are loving our little Peaches pup so much! She has been the perfect addition to our family. She is spunky and playful with the kids and sweet and gentle with the adults. She absolutely loves all people and animals. 

Peaches was very easy to house train and hasn’t had an accident for many months. She weighs 21 pounds and enjoys going for walks and playing with her toys. She is great in the car and has even traveled to Massachusetts with our family. She regularly helps to take the kids to school and pick them up. 

We are working on her greetings with other people, as she gets super excited and can’t help but jump on people she is meeting.

She has enjoyed her first taste of snow and had a blast playing outside with the kids in the snow!

We love her so much!


Caspian - (now Murphy)

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