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Maddie / Fiero 2021  

DOB April 20th

Sarah & Morgan H. - Judah (Chester)

Chester (Judah) is the cutest, sweetest, and biggest lap dog we could have ever hoped for. We were 12th on the list and so we didn't get to pick but we wouldn't have changed a thing!

We got him a shorter cut but we're now looking forward to his beautiful coat coming back. We loved reading about his eleven brothers, and we thank you, Laurie, for this opportunity to have sweet Chester as part of our family. We couldn't imagine our life without him now!

Worrilow Family & Issachar (Oakley)

Rodriquez Family & Levi (Milo)

Our doodle is a great addition to our family. Milo is energetic and loving. He is so sweet and loves to give kisses and sit on our laps. He's a big boy that thinks he's a lap dog, lol. He loves his big sister Summer, who is also one of Maddie's puppies. We so far have no stomach issues with Milo. He is smart and obedient. We love our doodles.

Patel Family & Dan (Archie)

Clare and Simeon (Hobbes)

Morey Family & Gad

Kegerreis family & Joseph (Douglas)

Douglas is doing so well and loves his big sister Miss Daisy Mae from Maddie’s 2018! They are the best of friends.

Douglas’s little personality is sweet as can be. He is a lover of love and cuddles. He is super goofy as well and keeps us all laughing. Douglas is also very intelligent. We had gotten buttons that we recorded some words such as “outside” and he uses them all appropriately. When we are busy doing house work or school work, he will consistently hit all of his buttons to get the love and attention he wants.

We are so pleased with our little Douglas and cannot thank you enough for giving us the two sweetest dogs with the best personalities.

Gossard family - Asher

The Gossard family added Asher (Red) to their family in addition to their Sophie (Cream). As you can see they get along well!

 Pat and Zebulon (Hank)

Miko & Ferron with Naphtali  (Kane)

Devon Family & Rueben (Luffy)

Luffy is a love (and no stomach issues). Sweet. He is a fan of all people and dogs! He is a big boy and also thinks he is a lap dog. ~ Erin

Raynor Family & Benjamin (Lucky)

All is well with the Raynors, including our boy Lucky. He DID have some concerning stomach issues for a while. However, we landed with Purina Pro Plan Chicken and Rice. We have cut out Peanut Butter and Coconut oil as treats, because they tended to give him diarrhea. He is not allowed any “people” food. We are also very careful to not allow him to drink from puddles or community water bowls. Since we have become diligent, his issues are few.

Happy almost birthday to all 12 brothers!  

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