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2020 Maddie and Fiero Doodles



Siguenza Family - Shella (now Luna)

8 Weeks

We have had a fabulous year with Luna. She’s loving, smart, graceful and enjoys hiking and playing with the other dogs in the family. 

Schmehl Family - Willow Mae

Here is our precious Willow. She is packed full of energy. She goes on lots of walks, gives great hugs. She is great with other dogs, very independent but lives being with us too. If she is not out walking with Rick she’s hanging out napping in my office.

She has been a great addition to our family. 

Finkbiner Family - Harlow (now Barkley)

Tucker Family - Clover (now Mango)

Mango- - what fun! She came into our lives at just over 9 lbs and has grown to a health 60 lb pup! In the early days, we had to put down bright orange markers near her when she slept because she was so small and blended in with the floors. She’s so much fun and has an awesome personality! Her favorite thing to do is to bite the ankle of her older “sister” Carlee (age 10) who is also a Grandview Doodle. Mango is in training to become a therapy dog just like her big “sister”, who’ll retire soon. She’s very obedient In the house but good luck getting her to “come” when outside, because she loves to run around looking for mud and wet mulch. The two dogs spend their days wrestling and sleeping together, Mango has brought new life into Carlee and it’s fun to watch and listen to them bark and play. The worst/funniest thing she did is bring a huge frog to the door (it was about the size of her head) one evening. Thankfully I saw it before letting her in and made her drop it! Then she spent the next two hours barking at it on the patio. We love our Mango!! R. Tucker

Mark & Kathy - Lulu (now Lobster)

Lobster (formerly LuLu) is the light of our lives! We are so blessed to have her! She is lovable, affectionate, playful and an absolute joy! She loves to bark at anyone who walks by, harass her 10-year-old furry brother and run around like crazy! Her favorite place to be is wherever we are or on the window bench looking out. She is just over 50 lbs., has had a few ear infections but other than that very happy and healthy.

Salamoni Family - Marvin (now Ollie)

Hull Family - Ellie

6 months

8 months

One year old birthday!

1 yr. summer cut

Ellie is a sweet, sweet girl who loves to snuggle. She is about 45lbs but has legs for miles. Her body structure is like that of a poodle- all legs and body! When Laurie told us that this one demanded to sit with the family and be cuddled, she wasn't kidding! I grew up dogs and have had them all my life and this little girl is the first to snuggle right in right beside you. Ellie sleeps with my soon to be twelve year old daughter and plays with my 9 year old son (this play is supervised because Ellie can get carried away with him) She is relatively calm (except for the puppy zoomies) and is extremely gentle. She is on the shy side and is wary of strangers. Ellie loves to go for a car ride and settled in from the moment we left Pennsylvania.

Lets talk about HAIR. Ellie's hair is pillow soft like feathers. We all thought it was puppy hair, but it remains to feel lighter than a cloud. Ellie gets her hair from her mom- more wave than curl. Truthfully I didn't put much thought into the hair of a goldendoodle before I owned one-yes there was the idea of having a non-shedding, hypoallergenic dog but beyond that I truly didn't know what to expect! I groom her EVERY day and finally found the perfect brush called a whisker brush ($5.00 at Walmart). Please know that I have quite the collection of brushes and combs by now!

I started taking Ellie to a groomer for a hair day when she was about six months old. I have taken her every 7/8 weeks since. I recently did some reading about goldendoodles and spoke to some friends who own poodles- because they don't have an undercoat as their hair is more like human hair, they can have a hard time regulating their temperature in the warm, humid months here in Connecticut- Introducing the summer cut!!! Just last week at a year old Ellie was given a short cut- Boy was it a nail biter for me as we cherished her long wavy hair! But let me tell you how much we love her summer cut- She is even softer than before -if you could imagine AND so much less maintenance! A lot less time is spent grooming her and untangling the outside from her fur! On that note, another useful tool that I found is the "Mudbuster" to wash off her feet before coming into the house!

Ellie is our first true family dog. Our last one, a purebred American Lab, was mine before kids. As a family dog, we couldn't have asked for a better temperament. She is so smart, so sweet and most of all gentle! We are completely in love with her and cherish her every moment of every day!!!

Thank you Laurie for bringing her into our lives!!!! We love our Ellie!

Zylberkan Family - Bella

Eslinger Family - Calla

Now Zoey. Doing great. Very gentle loving girl

She’s a digger but has been so easy to train. Good girl. Very thankful for her.

Surloff Family - Harvey (now Archie)

Archie has been a wonderful addition to our family. He has been terrific with and for the kids, who just adore him. He is playful and warm, with a mischievous side. He loves to dig holes and play fetch, but his favorite game is to play keep away with socks. When not on the move he is always up for a quick snuggle and nap. He never misses a day waiting for the kids to get off the bus. The bus driver has even taken to giving him treats. We can not imagine a day without him ….

Perrow Family - Woodrow

Here is Woodrow at 1. He has been a great addition to our family!

Cohen Family - Layla (now Tali)

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