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2020 Poppy / Buddy Doodles

Born March 26, 2020



Six Month Update

Jorie - Natalie (now Argus)

8 Weeks

Argus has a very sweet, playful disposition. She gets very excited (almost like a little kid) over the small things, very easy to train, and is amazing with people. As much as she loves to play and run around, she also loves just curling up with her favorite stuffed animal and napping. A very content dog. She has very wavy, curly hair that has gotten a little lighter after her most recent hair cut. She is now 13.8 lbs. Her underbite is very slight, but I think it gives her so much personality.

Honestly could not be happier, hopefully the other puppy owners loves their puppies just as much! 

Cailean - Whitney (now Pretzel)

Hi Laurie, I hope all is well! Here is an update on Whitney (whose name is now Pretzel)! She can be described as friendly, playful, and smart. She loves getting her belly rubbed, running around in the backyard, and anything to do with water! She is a quick learner, as she has mastered "sit" and learned to play fetch. Her coat is very soft and apricot color with some waves.

She is about 20 lbs now. We had no problems potty training her and she learned pretty quickly to go outside. She is pretty much sleeping through the night, until about 5 or 6am. Pretzel has been teething and has lost a few of her teeth already! She enjoys gnawing on sticks, bones, and LOVES treats. She looks forward to going on walks through the neighborhood and she has become pretty popular! She does have her fair share of zoomies and will crash right after for a nap. 

Pretzel is sooo sweet. She is the perfect addition to our family! :-)

Thank you, Cailean, The photos were beautiful and your feedback is very helpful. I know they're still on the young side to fully tell what their coats will be...I like the wavy coat though. She's really cute. Is she yappy at all? She isn't yappy at all! She’ll bark a few times when she sees a stranger or new dog while we are on a walk or if she hears someone in the yard.

On a continuum between calm,1 and high energy ,10...where would you place her? Between 1-10 I would give her a 3. She’s pretty calm and has typical puppy bursts of energy.

Also, have you had any problems with chewing things she shouldn' rugs, walls or anything like that? She does like chewing the bottom of the throw rug that is in front of the sliding door. I think she just likes the texture on the back. She hasn’t chewed on walls. 

I am very happy with her personality, coat, and size (so far!) Let me know if you have any other questions. I’m happy to help! 

Thanks for giving her a great home and life and thanks again for your helpful feedback. Have a great week! ~ Laurie  

Petroci Family - Dawson

Dawson is such a playful ,kind , and caring dog. He loves to play with his toys and go outside. He also loves to watch tv and cuddle with anyone in site. His hair turned out the be a huge mix of red, apricot , and cream and is super curly. Poppy did such a great job and made 5 beautiful pups!

Johnson Family - Westin (Gus)

We love him. He is smart loving funny. He couldn’t be better. He is a happy dog. We call him Gus or Gus Man or Gus the Cus. As of today 16.6 pounds. Thanks for a happy dog. Barbara

Hannah - Sven (now Gilmore)

Good morning Laurie !!

I am so in love with Gilmore (Sven), he has just hit the 20# mark and the vet says he is still growing! I love his curly hair and he is very sweet ! He loves to play and has tons of energy, we play with sticks outside for hours and he is great on the leash for walks. He has met other dogs and cats and is great with both ! Gilmore quickly learned sit, shake and lay down, we are now working on come and stay. I’m attaching some pictures so you can see him! He is still that darker auburn color but lighting up in some places. Thank you so much! 

If I remember Sven, was a bit more laid back than some of the others. You mentioned that he has lots of energy. Is it over bearing? No worries at all! He normally only gets hyper towards the evening hours, other than that he is super calm and sleeps during the day while I’m working!

Is he yappy at all? He only barks when he is playing and/or talking to me!

On a continuum between calm, 1 and high energy ,10...where would you place him? So on a scale of 1-10 probably a 4. 

Have you had any problems with chewing things he shouldn' rugs, alls or anything like that? As far as chewing no he doesn’t chew anything except his toys, he does lick my shoes a lot because he has some obsession with shoes lol but no unwanted chewing!  

Thank you for such a great pup! Like I said before I am in love!


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