Maddie & Fiero
Birth date: May 1, 2020  Ready for homes June 26, 2019.

All puppies have found their forever homes.

1. Schmehl Family - Willow
2. Mark & Kathy - Lulu
3. Renee Tucker - Clover
4. Surloff - Harvey
5. N. Finkbiner - Harlow
6. A. Salamoni - Marvin
7. Randi Cowen - Layla
8. Sabrina Hull - Ellie
9. Alessandra Z. - Bella
10. Jen - Calla
11. Pippa - Shella
12. Cindy - Woodrow


7 Weeks! Such fun, soft, cuddly puppies.

Five weeks! Such fun puppies. They're playful and very comfortable in their new setting. Getting better at going potty in the grass. 

Four Weeks
We graduated to our outdoor pen! It took about a week of a few hours each day till we got comfortable in our new space. We're becoming very playful. Still nursing and eating puppy food. We're getting the hang of going potty in the grass. We're not perfect at it but improving everyday!

Three Weeks - Just starting to be introduced to grass and soft puppy food. We're not sure about this green stuff. :)

Two Weeks

One Weeks

Born May 1, 2020