Maddie & Fiero
Born 4-25-19  Ready for homes June 20, 2019. 
All puppies have found their families!


Puppy Picks, Pending

1. M. McAdoo
2. B. Wise
3. J. Falls

3.5 Weeks!

We eat (still nursing) and spend most of the day sleeping. We're also becoming playful with each other. We just got introduced to the outdoors! Just spent a short time playing then took a 1 1/2 nap in the grass. We're still not sure about this grass stuff. Very cautious.

2.5 Weeks

Their eyes have opened! They're wobbly walking and starting to interact.

We mostly sleep and eat and sleep some more!

1.5 Weeks Old... 3 girls

1 day old

                      2 days old