Lily & Silus 2019 Puppies

Born 4-15-19... Ready for homes June 10th 


Family Picks, Pending

1. D. Madrid
2. J. Barneo - Hudson (only male :) )
3. S. Percheski
4. R. Cordell
5. P. Kline
6. M. Mitchell
7. L. Smallidge
8. M. Banks

5 weeks!

We're loving the outdoors! Finally some sunny weather to get out and play. We didn't know what we were missing! The first couple of days we were very cautious but today we were running freely about our new play area. We're eating puppy food and still nursing from mom.

4 weeks

We've moved to our bigger pen and are supplementing Mom's milk with puppy food. We're becoming more playful each day. Still eat and sleep most of the time.

3 weeks! Fun to snuggle and hold! (grandkids)
This coming week we will begin eating puppy food. 

Two Weeks Old

Their eyes opened! They're wobbly walking and starting to interact.
We mostly sleep and eat and sleep some more! 

6  Days Old

Eating well and growing like weeds. Eat and sleep. Eat and and night.

One day old!  Born 4-15-19