Maddie & Fiero
Born 5-11-18  Ready for homes July 6th, 2018. 
All puppies have found their families!



1. Kristyn W. - Mavis
2. Robert T. - Molly
3. David & Mary Ellen - Rosie
4. Lauren K. - Annie
5. Kim A. - Clarabel
6. Jason K. - James
7. Ben & Marybeth - Henry
8. Gail - Thomas
9. Traci S. - Percy

Seven Weeks!

We love being outside and are learning to go potty in the grass. :) We have a little doggie door we can go inside for cooler temperatures.

Five Weeks

4 weeks

We've moved to our bigger pen and are supplementing Mom's milk with puppy food. We're becoming more playful each day. Still eat and sleep most of the time.

3 weeks!
We eat (still nursing) and spend most of the day sleeping. We're also becoming playful with each other.  We were named after "Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends" (grandchildren) 

Annie & Mavis

Rosie & Molly

2 weeks



This week their eyes opened. They can "wobbly" walk now instead of crawling. :)


One Week Old... 5 girls / 4 boys

6 hours old

                      4 days old