Lily & Silus 2017 Puppies

All of Lily's puppies have been adopted. Now taking reservations for 2018.

1. Selke Family - Boomer
2. Rock Family - Lulu
3. Murphey Family - Sparky
4. Bakley Family - Missy
5.  Goldstein Family - Annie
6.  Munsell Family - Luna
7. Nahum Family - Lady



Six and 1/2 weeks

Five and 1/2 weeks

Four and 1/2 weeks

We moved to a bigger pen this past week and are enjoying puppy food along with Mom's milk. We love the grass and times we get to be outside.

3.5 weeks old

Puppies had some outdoor time this week-end.  They spend most of their days sleeping. They're interacting playfully with each other and noticing us humans when we walk in the room. Next week we'll begin some puppy food.

Two and 1/2 Weeks Old

Their eyes opened! They're wobbly walking and starting to interact.
We mostly sleep and eat and sleep some more we're growing like weeds! 

One Week Old

Eating well and growing like weeds. Eat and sleep. Eat and and night.

One day old!