2017 Silus / Lily Doodles

Goldstein Family and Annie (now Luna)

Rock Family with LuLu


Nahum Family and Lady (now Magnolia aka Maggie)

She's doing great. We are so so happy with what a fun, cute addition she is!!

Munsell Family and Luna (now Penny)

Bakley Family and Missy (now Lucy)

Lucy (aka Missy) is doing nicely so far! Here's a couple of pictures of her in her new yard. She's doing well regarding housebreaking and working on being on a leash for short walks. Everyone that meets her, loves her :) 

Murphy Family and Sparky (now /Buddy )

Buddy's learning to walk on a leash, sits on command, and is loved by anyone who meets him. Potty training is going well, with only a few isolated accidents.

Selke Family and Boomer (now Percy )