2017 Maddie and Ryder Doodles

Scrivner Family & Cleo (now Ginger)

Diem Family and Brutus (now Mosley)

Rodriguez Family & Portia (now Summer)

Langman Family and Octavius (now Watson) 

Thank you! It is going very well. Watson is a very sweet and kind dog! He is already almost totally house-trained (1 1/2 weeks) and follows our son (his best friend) around at all times. He is a wonderful addition to the family and we could not be happier. Thanks again! ~B.

Jeff & Leah and Markus (now Remy) 

Just wanted to check in! Remy is such a love and full of life. He likes to play tug of war and doesn't know which toy is his favorite yet (he has about 10). He knows how to sit so far! We haven't seen him shed much if at all and he is crate trained for the most part!

Barclay Family and Caesar (now Tucker) 

Ricci Family & Cassius now Cody